BurntHost Computer Consulting

“Should you meet the computer guru on the road, kill him”

In an ever changing technological landscape equipment and software are constantly evolving. Due to the interoperability of equipment and programs, changes in one can have unforeseeable ramifications on others.

The computer consultant’s job is not to have all the answers, which is impossible. The consultant’s job is to understand the problem and have the skills to derive the answer. Those skills come from a solid understanding of computer fundamentals and past troubleshooting encounters. This foundation provides the consultant the ability to gather information, discern the potential root causes and make a plan for the implementation of a solution.

BurntHost, Inc. provides services to assist you with your computers, network and Internet connection.

Whether you are a computer neophyte or a seasoned user, BurntHost, Inc. can assist you in the set up, purchase, configuration, and maintenance of your computers, peripherals and network.

Those who think they are “computer illiterates” can be made literate.

BurntHost, Inc. believes that all computer users can be made literate. In fact all users must reach a certain level of knowledge in order to use there computer effectively. There is no reason why someone should pay to have someone else change the toner or ink in their printers a second time (unless of course they should choose to in which case we'd be happy to get paid to do so.)

It is part of our mission to teach as we assist. The perfect relationship between a BurntHost, Inc. consultant and a client is one in which, the client is educated on the problem and solution that the consultant has just assisted on. The ideal end result is the client can avoid, mitigate and or solve the problem should it happen again, failing that, the client is knowledgeable enough to identify the issue and assist in the information gathering process so the consultant can resolve the issue efficiently.

BurntHost, Inc. strives to maximize the efficient use of time purchased by a client and will offer solution options that work to this end.

The nature of our relationship: We do the work so you don’t have to. In other words we do work that you could do for yourself should you choose to take the time. You can buy a computer from McBigBox store and pick software off the shelf and install it all yourself. You can read up on removing Viruses and SpyWare or integrate a printer into your network.

Or… we can do it for you.

Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows and Mac Integration, Networking, VPN, Backup and Recovery, File Sharing, Printer Installation, Anti-Virus and Internet Security, Remote Access, Scanners, Software Training, Wireless Networking, Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair, Custom Database Design, Web Site Design, Multi-Media Presentation Production, Conference Room Technologies.

Payment Options
We are offering service on either an hourly, retainer or contract basis.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.